Education, understanding and development of mind, spirit and body.

We are ingenious, we have talents, we must make use of them in order to progress.

Responsibility, conscience and integrity of voice and vote.

Respect and support to those we elect as representatives of our government.

Freedom of expression and order.

The presentation of views in a calm and serene manner helps increase understanding.

Organization of the present assures us prosperity in the future.

Follow what your heart dictates making use of our mental faculties and respecting the laws of God, nature and the rights of other humans.

Lets stimulate and assist our fellow men and women in their quest for light and understanding. Lets listen to those that need to be heard and lets speak for those who cant. Lets learn and respect our traditions, while also supporting change and new ideals that would allow us to advance as a society.

Lets practice kindness, ethics and morality with all the peoples of the Earth.

Justice and compassion.

Lets remember our ancestors, respect our elderly and educate our children. They are the fountain of vitality of humankind.

Life and country are a gift of God. Development is a gift and responsibility of ours.

Orlando Agudelo-Botero