July 2015

On…Grove, The Inner Trees

by the maestro Orlando Agudelo-Botero

The maestro there…in his mystical study, in the flowery and beautiful Medellín, between the treetops of the Guayacanes and the clouds, he has put the finishing touches on a brilliant, unprecedented collection. For the number of works of art, for the time spent in creation. Twenty months into a long, solitary, internal passage, this new delivery from his tree-light to his grove of 21 canvasses. What a passage this was for the maestro Agudelo Botero. What a surprise beyond compare. Our sense of wonder grows with his as it’s reborn a thousand times while the world is reborn again with him. His creative force, his peculiar way of expressing himself…a limitless source, each time even purer, and more transparent…

Once again, his divine, “innate gift” is revealed through each work of art, by way of the light with illuminates it, filled with wisdom and goodness, it is filtered through the foliage and it falls upon us from the immensity of the universe. At its own pace, transforming everything in the light of life and illuminating the many alternatives paths of humanity. The first sketches had a groundbreaking effect on me… virtually impossible to know how each work will finish, the maestro continuously reinvents himself. The attraction is immediate, and with stealth not being necessary, his work engages and takes us with a centrifugal force to the unchartered corners of his grove. Discovering the message is resolving the unknown. Opening up the mind and the heart, to receive the true gift: learning… to become better human beings and to appreciate this daily miracle of existence.

Let’s go onto the paths least taken…with the spirit of adventure and with the maestro Agudelo Botero guiding us… Beyond the gift of beauty, captivating the works of art, we pass through his inner tree, through his blue sap, in an endless ascension.

It has given me so much joy to take this tour around his grove, maestro, thanks to the magical extravagance, this path through his enchanted forest, which fills me with excitement, which paints a smile on my face and inspires me to embark each new day with more positivity. Thank you for motivating us to care for our Mother Earth, to enjoy her, to plant our own seeds, for those who will come after us. I know Orlando has loved nature since he was young because, in his paintings, there are blessed rains; early-rising, hope-filled suns; forests full of light; mysterious moons; variegated lights; flowers; fruits and so much unknown, which is part of the challenge of living.

Thank you for sharing your talent, thank you for existing, maestro.

Silvia Prieto Chavarría


Translated from Spanish to English by Roberto Rosas