I most recently stood in the very center of a cotton field and thought of humanity …

I looked and saw the wonders in the projection of collective energy, organic growth, flower and fruit.

Like in human beings, I found many variations of individuals in these plans; each with its own properties, all with needs of water and proper environmental elements, which assure a healthy and prosperous growth. Most importantly, all in need of light, care and love.

I witness each one growing, being true to its own metamorphosis, putting out a leaf here and a leaf there, properly balancing its own growth. Like us in search of balance, while we create a proper and meaningful direction in life in order to realize, to achieve, to produce and to offer our own flower and fruit.

In the same manner in which we ask a field to grow, to produce and to yield a good harvest, we equally hope and ask of ourselves to learn and to grow.

In answering our expectations, we happily and responsibly offer the fruit of our efforts as a part of the result of our journey through this life.

Its our human nature.

The process and its results represent The Bounty. The caliber of it, it’s the result of individual virtues, development and growth. The collective beauty is a wonder of wonders …

I most recently stood in the very center of a cotton field and in its splendor, I thought of us.

Orlando Agudelo-Botero