By Maggie Callaway


Whenever I receive information about  Orlando Agudelo Botero’s most recent works, I know I am about to be exposed to images and thoughts that will stimulate my own thinking. For me, each piece assumes a life of its own, with its own nuances and lessons.

I have learned that the information contained in Orlando’s art is multi-layered, lending itself to continued contemplation and enjoyment.  Far beyond  mere images in dimensional space, his paintings, sculptures and writings become companions and constant provocateurs, urging each of us to deeper understanding of our own individual nature and to higher ideals about our capacity as human beings.  The film of which you are about to partake is no different.

With the release of EVOLUCION, an extension of his own inspiration and direction, Orlando invites us to experience with him, his own continued renaissance as an artist and an individual. A master of symbolic language,  he captures on film the simultaneous synthesis and expression of several creative dimensions: sound, form and human thought.  WE get a sense of things to come. But the focus is not on individual paintings but on Orlando’s own form and voice, sharing with us the beginning of his answer to a question he has pondered since his childhood:


A profound question with a profound answer; one that has undoubtedly shaped the man as much as his art.

Orlando takes us into his studio where, with subliminal music as his companion, we are allowed to experience the artist engaged in his own creation through works in progress. As Orlando continues to speak his answer to the question about LIFE, we are invited into an intimate conversation with his inner self.

Then, we are taken to the park where Orlando helps the learning process of a child. Encouraging  the child’s nature and his inherent creativity, he stresses the importance of the education of children. This symbolizes Orlando’s ever-present commitment to the next generation and to evolution itself.

The complete answer to the question frames all the images, sounds and sensations of the film. He tells us:  “…My art is simply my vehicle and my voice.” In the film EVOLUCIÓN, the artist, the humanitarian and the teacher are present speaking to us directly as a fellow human being.

Maggie Callaway